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The handling and finishing of tubes and pipes shouldn't be a problem for producers: ASED is capable of henancing this important phase of the work process.

Experience and technological expertise, flexibility, service, ability to identify the right response to the needs of our customer, make ASED the perfect partner for efficient, innovative and tailor-made solutions.



“Leaders are people who do the right thing; managers are people who do things right..” (Warren G. Bennis)
We always carry with us the motto of the pioneer of the studies on leadership, to constantly look for translating our view into action, in a field in which the right solution represents a competitive advantage of absolute and vital importance.

Influence of the market

Our revolutionary listening and analysis approach allow to continuously evolve tailor-made solutions which become a reference on the market for their efficiency and innovation on processes.

Trasparency and professional ethics

ASED pays a lot of attention on these values which allow to operate having as a unique aim to sustainably develop the business of our customer, through a clear view of the Total Cost of Ownership and a deep respect for integrity and fairness rules to the market, the people and the environment.

Added value

Our customer, his business and his needs at the heart of our attention. Our solutions are developed to respond effectively to the demands of the customer creating value for his company. They're modeled according to what is really necessary for the specific project and to reach the maximum performances, achieving the target of production increase, efficiency, industrial process quality, cost reduction through:
  • Standard solutions extremely configurable;
  • Custom solutions;
  • Customer plant revamping;
  • Installation advantages;
  • Usage advantages;
  • Maintenance advantages.

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