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3 April 2019
26 October 2020
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A new Technical Director for ASED!


Since autumn 2020 a gear change for the mechanical engineering department of ASED, thanks to the guidance of

Technical Director Eng. Francesco Boccioni. 

With more than 30 years of experience in the design of components and automatic plants in different production sectors and over 13 years of specialization in the design of plants for the production and finishing of tubular products for different sectors, from automotive to Oil&gas,

Eng Boccioni bases its work on 3 pillars: people, creativity and method. 

Experience, charisma and a respectable technical-commercial curriculum in addition to specialization in this sector, perfectly meet the will of ASED to face  the challenges of the market with renewed commitment .

2020 has been a difficult year , but just as complicated would have been not to keep up with the times and ignore the development potential  of the brand as seen in these two years.

At the base of the new technical project then , a lot of training, the study of characterizing and versatile models, an effective and proven method and powerful positive energy for the team of young and senior designers.

We wish good work to the Team and

welcome on board the new Technical Director!