30 November 2018

2018: A wonderful year

Another year has come to an end and we're proud to thank you all, clients and suppliers, prospects and leads, and all those who witnessed our goals and good projects in the world. Nothing has changed since the beginning , except numbers and people that are increasing, year after year. Our key words keep remain the same: […]
24 October 2018

Our new grooving machine for Italian Market, no more limits to performance!

POWERFUL SPEED, FASTER  BUT SERIOUS!  Our new grooving machine for Italian Market, no more limits to performance! This time we overcame our limits: six grooved tubes per minute instead of two: translated in money and times, big advantages for all the owners who want to boost their business! What is expected to do in a grooving process ? […]
14 September 2018

Destination Asian Market

A NEW PACKAGING MACHINE DESTINATED TO ASIAN MARKET HIGH QUALITY, RESPECTED PERFORMACES AND GREAT TEAMWORK!   One more solution placed in such an important market!   This packaging machine is able to collect the pipes provided through a customer’s chain conveyor and to organize them in hexagonal bundles, while reducing noise and preventing scratches and bumping on […]
30 July 2018

A new packaging solution, ready for delivery!

A complete solution able to collect the pipes provided through a customer’s roll-way and to organize them in hexagonal or rectangular bundles, depending on the choices of the operator, while reducing noise and preventing scratches and bumping on them.  The whole machine is designed to reduce the total cost of ownership, and particularly to ease the work of the production crew, thanks to few necessary […]
5 July 2018


Considering the huge presence of metal pipes in the domestic, industrial, automotive, leisure and gardening, childhood sectors, ASED processing units allow the production to be adapted, flexibly and quickly to required changes by the market. It is ready to be shipped another workbench complete with positioning and supports for the tube; manual loading and unloading. […]
15 June 2018


ASED significa soluzioni integrate e complete per un business ad alto livello. Progettazione e costruzione di macchine speciali per la lavorazione del tubo quali ad esempio unità di punzonatura, schiacciatura, rastrematura e taglio. Si tratta di unità oleodinamiche , semplici e versatili . Possono essere associate sia a banchi di lavoro standard sia a vere […]