2 October 2017

A new challenge for ASED Team, a great commercial success!

"If you make plans for a year, you have to sow the grain. If your projects extend to ten years, plant a tree. If they embrace one hundred years, teach the people. By sowing grain once, you'll have a crop. If you planted a tree, you will make ten harvests. By educating the people, you […]
2 August 2017

Ready to go! A new packaging machine is now leaving for America

Today we are talking about modularity that is to say the opportunity to always find the right solution for each customer need, for a matchless  efficiency! A new packaging system developed according to precise entry constraints and specific requirements dictated by the customer, is now leaving for Latin America. Modularity for an easy adaptability to different types of production, fully respecting […]
2 August 2017

Pronti, partenza via! Una nuova impacchettatrice è già pronta per la spedizione

Oggi parliamo di MODULARITA' , ovvero della opportunità per ogni cliente di trovare sempre la giusta soluzione alle proprie esigenze, per una efficienza senza paragoni! Un nuovo impianto di impacchettamento sviluppato secondo precisi vincoli in ingresso e requisiti specifici dettati dal cliente, è oggi in partenza per l'America latina. Modularità quindi per una facile adattabilità a diverse tipologie di produzione, nel totale rispetto della […]
23 June 2017

Ased, new plants in Europe

INSTALLED IN EUROPE A NEW PACKAGING SOLUTION, COMPLETE WITH ROLL-WAY   With tenacity and high standards of quality, satisfaction comes as we know, and also this time the plant installed in Europe is a source of great satisfaction for the ASED team! A new packaging system dedicated in this case to carbon steel tubes and studied […]
3 April 2017

Treat your steel pipes with respect!

Considering a pipe not only as a product but as an entry ticket  to good business, it would be interesting to satisfy its needs. Don’t you agree? Which is the counterpart from the company owner point of view: obtain the widest, best and most profitable business from basic fields up to complicated areas all over […]
2 March 2017

Ready to ship to KENYA!

ASED has successfully passed the inspection with the Entity SGS, an international organization that carries out checks for quality of  goods and verify that everything is in order to export to a particular country, in this case Kenya. In many African countries including Kenya , for many reasons, this inspection is mandatory. High standards of quality […]