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The revamping process allow the company to regenerate or to modernize an existing plant, updating it and integrating it into the strategies and production plans typical of its industry.

Revamping is an operation that allow to service and to renovate the existing plants, in order to extend their life inside the whole production process and to obtain performance and management benefits. Renovating a plant means, in fact, to exceed its design and technical limits coming from the past and to integrate the original project with state of the art solutions meeting the actual needs of the customer. Renovating an existing plant, where entrusted to the right partner, allow to reach a better result with lower costs compared to a brand new plant, resulting usually more sustainable both from the economical and environmental point of view.

7 good reasons for revamping your plant:

  • Environmental condition increase
  • Operators safety increase
  • Higher production flexibility
  • Quality parameters increase
  • Performance and efficiency increase
  • Maintenance and management simplification
  • Production cost reduction

Consult the technical datasheet and ask for further informations

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