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A simple cold working (mechanical processing) can add great value to your product, allowing you to position one step above your competitors

ASED grooving solutions are extremely configurable and highly flexible.
They're thought-out to be carefree.


  • Accurate performance optimization;
  • Wide range of pipes grooved without changing tools;
  • High level of independence from the operator;
  • Easily installable in every part of customer's plant.

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The ASED grooving solutions you want to buy, allow to increase your business profit.

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✔ Included
◯ Optional
— Not available
IFT-219 IFT-323
Flat loading table
Smooth bundle opening apparatus
Belt loading cradle
Third roll-way
Automatic working height adjustment
Pipe laying on idle rollers during working
Oscillation damping system
Inspection table
Belt unloading cradle
Packaging solution groover optimized
Automatic loading/unloading production lot sperator

Consult the technical datasheet and ask for further informations

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