Tube processing solutions : new market segments

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10 December 2018
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3 April 2019
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Tube processing solutions : new market segments

Thanks to the income of families, kept in recovery , and the growing “do-it-yourself” culture spread to the various customer segments, the demand for all the goods related to tourism is favored.

In order to satisfy the growing demand it is necessary to maintain a wide and deep assortment, guaranteeing the presence of specialized personnel but obviously counting on high quality products obtained thanks to precise protocols and production standards and thanks to performing and reliable machinery.

Also in this sector the ASED brand is winning or better are winning the solutions proposed to the market , always taylormade  and meeting the customer requirements.
In these days a tube processing system will be delivered to a leading Italian player in this market , to manufacture  accessories or parts of accessories for leisure time.

In particular we have obtained the evolution of a system already in their possession . Three new objectives reached:

1) better performance and cycle times cut down as it is not a semi-automatic machine but rather a real robot cell

2) Increase of machine-operator safety in line with the requirements of the relevant legislation

3) Obtaining a bidirectional dialogue with factory production systems also providing predictive maintenance diagnostics.


Another goal for ASED TEAM because